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East Camberwell, Australia

18 September 2001



Dear Member!


The horrendous terrorist attacks in the USA have deeply shocked and saddened us here at IPF´s Head Office and I am sure those feelings are shared by you and all members of IPF.


No doubt there are many people worldwide in IPF who have been severely affected by the events. We wish to express our sincere condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one ore had their lives tragically changed forever as a result of the attacks. Some of you may find that you have lost valued penfriends. While nothing can ever replace the people closest to us, may the thought that loved ones and special friends live in our hearts forever, enrich our spirit and are never forgotten, bring some comfort at this time of grief and loss. 


It is a time when we feel so helpless, but also a time when the value of global friendship is more important than ever. IPF was established in 1967 to help promote world peace through sincere correspondence. To achieve this goal, IPF opened its doors to people of every country and during the past 34 years over 1.5 million people agend from 8 years onwards have joined and played a valuable role in contributing to world peace through their friendship and letter writing.


In times of turmoil we must continue to treat our penfriends and potential penfriends as individuals and not condemn or discriminate against entire populations and innocent people. Many people in troubled lands may truly believe in world peace and freedom. We would not want any member of IPF, from any part of the world, to hurt feelings of other members or to treat people badly. We respect that there may be reasons why writing to some people could be too difficult. If letters cannot be written in a friendly manner, it is best to simply not write and to focus on positive friendships.


The penfriend hobby gives us all the opportunity to express our thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. At times like this, writing can greatly assist in the healing process and letters and e-mails will help in many ways. 


We send you our best wishes and may we all contribute to the goal of uniting the world through friendship. 



Yours sincerely


Julie Delbridge



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